10 Ways to Make the Best of Your College Experience

By Kennae Hunter
August 9, 2022

At any university, if you were to ask a few random students how they view campus life, the responses would be mixed. Some may say their college experience is the best experience ever, and others may say it is boring. The college experience is unique, and the student at hand will only be able to look back and say they enjoyed college if they take it upon themselves to make the best of the experience.

There are ten things that every college student should know that would assist and encourage them to make the best of their college experience.

  1. Attend Campus Events

    Most college campuses host some sort weekly, even if it is a campus organization's event, and they are usually free. There will be many opportunities to attend events all semester where you could make friends, learn something new about the school, and have genuine fun while making memories. You will feel a part of the student body by surrounding yourself with your peers in a positive environment. Campus events are a good starting place if you're often feeling bored or have not made any friends yet. Check your email, school newsletter, social media, or bulletins for event promotion information.

  2. Join a Club or Organization

    Colleges and universities have multiple organizations and clubs that students can participate in that are tailored to their interests. These cubs may revolve around athletic, academic, or social interests. Getting involved will allow you to meet people from all different backgrounds. You may be able to discover new interests as well. It will be good to try—it doesn't mean you have to stick with it.

  3. Explore the Local City

    If you went to a college outside of your hometown, learning about the city can introduce you to new opportunities professionally and for entertainment. There could be a fantastic mall or new restaurant for you to try. New businesses may look for student interns, which can give you experience in your field of study. It is your new home for a while, all the better for getting acquainted.

  4. Step out of Your Comfort Zone

    Aside from getting your degree, another purpose of college is to grow as a person as you enter adulthood. Stepping out of your comfort zone will help you discover new things about yourself like interests, love life preferences, and even the career path you would like to pursue post-graduation. You may begin freshman year with a plan, but moving through your studies may help you discover something different. Be open to these possibilities while exploring new adventures. You may stumble on something better aligned with the growth you have made during college.

  5. Get to Know Your Professors

    Professors can be mentors for you as you go through college. They are interesting people and have life experiences they can share about the field you are studying. Getting to know them, even if it is just a little, lets them know you care and can help you find some hacks to navigate their class and college altogether.

  6. Live on or near Campus

    Being close to the campus gives you easier access to the resources, the events, and your friends. Ultimately, how can you enjoy your college experience without being at the college? You'll only get that genuine feeling of walking from the dorm to the dining hall and then heading to a campus event if you live on or near campus.

  7. Be Open-Minded

    Being open-minded will make it easier to build relationships because, with that mindset, you can put differences aside and appreciate the aspects of others that make us unique. Being open-minded helps with change and adaptation as you move along with college.

  8. Make Your Own Decisions

    Peer pressure can be direct or indirect. It is important to stay aware when someone else's decisions can influence yours-even subconsciously. Just because your roommate is ditching class or not interested in going to spring fling does not mean you should feel the same way. Always making the decisions best for you will leave no regrets when looking back on your college experience.

  9. Try a New School

    Sometimes making the best of the college experience may require you to transfer to somewhere different. Some environments are not always what we expect them to be. It's ok to accept this and transfer to a different campus.

  10. Utilize Campus Resources

    Campus resources, like the career center or counseling office, are free to all students and will not be available after graduation. It is rare to have free access to such resources. While you can get the assistance, take full advantage. There are also tutoring services that can provide study strategies and targeted help to assist with grade improvements.

Kennae Hunter

Kennae Hunter is a freelance writer for SAGE Scholars, Inc. She recently graduated college one year ago with her bachelor’s degree in mass communications and is following her dreams of being a reporter. Hunter has a passion for writing and does so in her free time along with reading a variety of genres of books. She hopes to inform the community on all things about college to make their experience just as enjoyable as hers.
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