A program that focuses on human and media communication in the political process and that prepares individuals to function as members of political and public affairs organizations, political campaign staffs, and related government and media entities. Includes instruction in media effects, political speaking and debating, political advertising and marketing, image management, political journalism, opinion polling, and aspects of print and broadcast media related to the production and distribution of media messages in political settings

Colleges and Universities

Here are some of our SAGE Scholar's member schools that offer Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication and related majors.

Barry University
Belhaven University
Fontbonne University
Hastings College
Manchester University
Ohio Northern University
Saint Edward's University
Susquehanna University
Trinity Christian College
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

To see the full list of schools that offer Communication, Journalism, And Related Programs majors

Communications Teachers, Postsecondary
News Analysts, Reporters, and Journalists
Public Relations Managers
Public Relations Specialists