Find the Right College Step-by-Step

Keep an open mind. While it's good to have some ideas in mind about what sorts of colleges will be right for you, stay open to all the possibilities at the beginning of your search.

  • Challenge your assumptions about what will work for you.
  • Talk to people who know you. Tell parents, teachers, relatives, family friends and your school counselor about your goals, and ask if they can suggest colleges that may be a good fit for you.
  • At the start of this process, you may rule out colleges because you think that they are too expensive or too hard to get into, but this may not be the reality. Remember that financial aid can make college more affordable and colleges look at more than just grades and test scores.

During your search, keep asking yourself questions about your preferences and goals. You are changing throughout high school, so your answers may change during the search process.

And remember that there are many good college matches for every student, and that you can be successful at many types of schools.

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