College Is The Biggest Investment You Will Make

Let us help you plan how to fund a SAGE Scholars college education:

  • Use our custom SAGE Calculators to prepare for the future
  • Learn the terms used by financial aid offices
  • Read helpful tips about paying for college
  • Determine which factors to consider when looking at college costs
Funding vs Financial Aid

Families need to know three numbers:

  1. The total annual Cost of Attendance (COA). Tuition, room and board, books, transportation, and miscellaneous.
  2. How much colleges are willing to assist. Scholarships, Loans, Student Employment. Colleges call this "Financial Aid."
  3. How much families are expected to pay from their own resources - Expected Family Contribution (EFC). Savings, investments, current income, loans. SAGE Scholars calls this "College Funding;" the annual amount families have to pay of the total Cost of Attendance (COA) after colleges offer their Financial Aid packages (scholarships, loans, work).
College Funding Tools

Investment Options, Tax Strategies, Cash Flow Possibilities

SAGE Calculators

SAGE Scholars Unique College Funding & Borrowing Calculators
Savings calculator

SAGE Savings Calculator

Use this calculator to determine what percentage of your income you need to save.

SvB calculator

Savings vs Borrowing Calculator

Use this calculator to compare the total cost of saving vs borrowing for your student's college.

Beyond Financial Aid

Funding Strategies for College Costs

A reasonable person would assume that the cost of an undergraduate education would be easy to calculate: take the published price of annual tuition, room and board, fees, books and miscellaneous travel, entertainment and so forth and multiply that amount times four years.

Unfortunately, calculating the "True Cost" is more complicated. Learn how to plan, save, and pay for your students college education in Beyond Financial Aid.

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